• Achieve rapid growth
    Made a Belgian internet pioneer operationally and profitably expand from 25 to +100 people. Including operational- and software development in India, in less than 2 years. Governance of the architecture and development, as well as the design and graphics units. Actively involved in hunting new customers.

  • New business setup and general management
    Transformed the Belux IT department of an international top 5 integrator into a new IT business unit of eventually +120 people. Launched and developed the IT outsourcing business. Incl. acquisition of an international service centre for 18 countries. Resulting in a combined multi-million business in 4 years.

  • New business setup and general management
    Launched a complete new Belux consulting & services business unit for one of the largest telecom companies in the world. Including the integration of 2 acquisitions in Belgium. +120 people. Resulting in a combined multi-million business in 4 years.

  • New business setup and general management
    Start-up of a new company for the largest IT group in Belgium. Developed and launched the portfolio with the support of the selected technology partners (HPE mainly). Enhanced the IoT offerings of the group and attracted “next economy” projects. Portfolio ready for commercialisation in less than 2 years.


  • Transformation
    Aligned the IT department of a large government institution with the targets of the (postal and parcels) business. Used two ‘big 4’ consulting agencies as partners. Very strong turnaround of the internal customer satisfaction score. Setup the Innovation Department with a primary target to develop new postal services carried by technology. Several new solutions successfully launched.

  • Outsourcing
    Built and managed strategic outsourcing as a principle (incl. RFP development) for a large Belgian government institution. This has resulted in large IT outsourcing to India, bringing substantial costs savings. Developed multiple RFP trajectories for side-projects in IT.

  • Internal business partnership
    Main ambassador for IT towards the largest business unit in a large Belgian postal institution. Led to permanent improvement of collaboration between the two departments. Strong increase in customer satisfaction and more flexibility in internal processes.

  • Strategic sourcing
    Combined the purchasing volume and -power of 44 subsidiaries of a global telecom manufacturer into centrally controlled frame agreements. Including the transition coaching of the individual purchasing departments. Achieved double digit cost saving percentages on the attributed volumes in the Benelux. Actively coached internal customers and user groups during the transition towards the new contracts and procedures.

  • Improve the team
    Drastically improved the local sales pipeline and the commercial hit rate of a mid-sized telecom integrator. Achieved a record year in number of new customers and new logo business in less than 12 months, with an annual double digit revenue growth. Increased the sales hit rate by introducing Account Planning and Opportunity Planning at international level. This approach was later adopted by the rest of the group in Europe.


  • Outsourcing
    Externalised the Belgian creative- and linguistic department of a global telecom manufacturer to specialised companies in Belgium and Switzerland, incl. transfer of staff. Negotiated and signed in less than 4 months.

  • Quality management
    Developed the quality management system for a large international cabling company, incl. all processes and procedures for external audit (F-16 and C-130 programmes). Obtained the ISO9001 and NATO AQAP110 quality certificates within the year.

  • Outsourcing
    Introduced offshore outsourcing in a Belgian web- & software design company. Used an India based outsourcer as a partner. Moved 40% of the software development offshore within 6 months.

  • Strategic sourcing
    Locally managed and executed the RFP phase for ICT outsourcing for a large postal organisation. Major cost savings obtained.

  • Shadow IT management
    As strategic advisor to the CIO, prepared a mid-sized hospital’s ICT department for NIAZ quality certification. Major focus on large ERP / Document Management roll-out. Improved the organisation of the ICT department to be better align it with the internal customer expectation and satisfaction levels.

  • Business acquisition
    Took over several major strategic business contracts from a large telecom manufacturer into a global telecom operator, in order to jumpstart a new business for that specific technology. Business value transfer of several millions.

  • International programme management
    Managed the global roll-out project to build the network ground segment for Egnos, the EU’s enhancement project for the existing GPS. Incl. all European and off-shore uplink ground stations for the European Space Agency.

  • Change management
    Supervised the implementation of LEAN into the IT department of a large national postal and logistics company. Introduced a uniform management approach for all sub-divisions, impacting several hundred people.

  • Transition management and operational leadership
    Transferred the full operations and all staff of an international service desk (18 languages) from one IT integrator to another. Worked closely together with the end customer during the transition phase. All with zero loss of staff or attrition.

  • Mergers and acquisitions
    Integrated 2 acquisitions into the local branch of a large global telecom operator, increasing the receiving business unit to 120 people with an annual multi-million revenue.

  • Advisory for outsourcing and vendor management
    Prepared and executed the RFP phase for the outsourcing of 4 data centres around the world for a large industrial group. Acted as the main contact for all bidders (all large global ICT companies). Strategically advised the customer not to outsource in the end.

  • Outsourcing
    Main negotiator for the full outsourcing of Point Of Sales services for one of the largest supermarket chains in Europe. Full RFP outcome ownership.

Dirk De Boeck | Interim Manager


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